"viola" wrap bracelet in lilac, gold and cream

Price: 180.00 CHF
Gorgeous Miyuki beads make this wrap bracelet an eye catcher. It can be wrapped three times around the wrist.

"Sparkledust", wrap bracelet in geyblue, silver an

Price: 190.00 CHF
A very elegant wrap bracelet with can be wrapped twice around the wrist. I usd grey-blue czech glass beads and tiny gold seed beads as accents.

"Isla", wrap bracelet in pale pink and cream

Price: 190.00 CHF
Two small copper charms decorate this soft wrapbracelet. I used two rows of Miyuki beads and chose different patterns.

"Violette", wrap bracelet i light purple, silver a

Price: 190.00 CHF
This bracelet in the Chan Luu style can be wrapped four times around your wrist. I used incredibly beautiful Miyuki beads with different finishes.

"Saddy" turquoise, brown and silver wrap bracelet

Price: 190.00 CHF
I hope, you love the combination of green-turquoise, brown and cream as much as I do! I find it a very special color palette, which goes well with Jeans. It gives that special touch to your wardrobe.

"Nancy", classic wrap bracelet in gold, cream and

Price: 190.00 CHF
This wrap bracelet can be wrapped around your wrist four times. The gold-cream- olive color scheme make this a very versatile and easy to combine bracelet.

"Maddy" Chan Luu style wrap bracelet

Price: 190.00 CHF
An appealing combination of hot pink, olive green and cream make for a very special color combination. I hope, you like the colors as much as I do!

"Djeen", turquoise and green Chan Luu style wrap b

Price: 190.00 CHF
This bracelets is adjustable and can be wrapped four times around th wrist. I used different macrame stitches for visual interest. The pretty silver colored button adds a special touch.

"Moana" wrap bracelet

Price: 190.00 CHF
A gorgeous four wrap bracelet in turquoise, brown and white, decorated with a eyecatching bronze button. The brown leather gives it a rustic feeling. It would look great with Jeans.

"Berry" set of three bracelets

Price: 190.00 CHF
The Miyuki beads I used for this stack of three bracelets are really the most beautiful and regular seed beads. The colors are so luscious. I used a berry pink, a chocolate brown,black and clear beads. The three bracelets can be worn together, but would also look pretty worn alone.