"Eglantine", berry gemstone dangle necklace

Price: 120.00 CHF
This necklace makes me thing of a bowl of fresh berries! I like the many different gemstones in shades of red and green. This necklace is bold and romantic at the same time.

"Aceline", butterfly necklace, czech glass beads,

Price: 120.00 CHF
a very romantic necklace with a detailed butterfly as a center piece. I added dnagles in turquoise and honey to it, which makes it even more full of life.

"Caroline", turquoise and red filigree necklace

Price: 120.00 CHF
a bohemian, hippie style necklace with a bold red dangle and turquoise glass beads. The intricate filigree centerpiece is very romantic vintage looking.

"Amour", read heart necklace

Price: 120.00 CHF
This is a lovely necklace for romantic moments. The vintage copper heart is decorated with dangles of ruby glass beads and light pink glass pearls.

"Justine", handknotted necklace with a mix of gems

Price: 230.00 CHF
The mixture of many differnt gemstone beads with some sprakly, faceted glass beads make this necklace simply irresistible. I added a butterfly in antiqued copper metal for a whimsical look.

"Lucy", necklace with turquoise glass pearls and a

Price: 150.00 CHF
"Lucy" is one of my favorite necklaces, The turquoise glass beads shimmer in different hues and have some gold sparkle to. I made a long pendant with lots of different dangles and even an angel wing. The earrings are already sold out. If you would like to have a matching pair of earrings, please don't hesitate to tell me. I will be happy to make them for you.

"Camille", necklace and earring set in moss green

Price: 180.00 CHF
"Camille" is a very romantic, bohemian style jewelry set, which you could wear for going out. The bed and glass pearl dangles hang from a filigree piece in antiqued copper, which give it that extra sophisticated look. The beads are czech glass beads, combined with light green glass pearls.