A little bit about me

My name is Alexa and I live in a rural village in Switzerland, on a hill between three lakes. I am a mother of three boys (11, 12, 16 years old) and am married. With us live two lovely cats, which give us pleasure every day.

I've always been a crafty person, mainly knitting, but also sewing, quilting, embroidering and drawing. 

Jewely making also belongs to my creative hobbies! It is so fulfilling and creative to design all the different necklaces and bracelets. There are so many possibilities, it's simply amazing. 

I get inspiration from pinterest and also from the great japanese craft books. I'm very impressed about the high standard of craftmanship and creativity of the japanese people.

Some time ago, I needed a necklace to go with a hippie dress, which I wanted to wear for my niece's sixteenth's birthday. Since I didn't want to buy something, I came of with the idea of making one for myself. I started searching Pinterest for ideas and was so inspired, that I didn't make just one necklace, but a whole collection. From there it all started like a wildfire. I simply can't stop myself trying out yet another idea!

I'm very happy to be able to live my creative side. I hope, you feel inspired too!


Our youngest male cat Mevis. He follows me everywhere...!

Yumi and me


My blind and epileptic cat Pitschi - the sweetest cat ever -